Join the OPIRG Guelph 2018-19 Board of Directors!

Are you interested in supporting social and environmental justice work on campus and in the community? OPIRG Guelph is looking for students to join our Board!

Oh, hey there!

  • Want to support grassroots and community work while developing your passion for social and environmental justice?
  • Want to gain skills in organizational development, fiscal management, policy creation, labour practices, and strategic planning?
  • Want to support, oversee, and attend campus events, trainings, and skill-building opportunities?
  • Want to be part of the decision-making processes that allows OPIRG Guelph and our various aspects to function?

Then apply to join as a student member of the OPIRG Guelph Board of Directors!

For 2018-19, the Board is seeking at least three members from our campus and community comrades to join us in making the big tent decisions that drive our space forward, including:

  • A 1-Year Student Position
  • A 2-Year Student Position
  • A 2-Year Community Position

In particular, we’re open to voices from directly affected communities—BIPOC, queer and trans, disabled, migrant, low income, and other folks. We’re also looking to have folks with skills or open to learning skills around our Library, our Programming and Events, and related Board streams. As well, representation from graduate facilities would be of interest. Open to all OPIRG Guelph members!

What does a Director on the OPIRG Guelph Board do?
You help set our direction, manage staff, and take part in a whole host of committees, events, and other activities!

Want some more details, facts, and information about joining the Board and what that means?
Check out this Introduction to Joining Our Board: Google Docs Link

If you want to apply…

  • The first step is to send us a short statement of interest, between 250-500 words.
  • The second step is for the current Board to review your statement.
  • The third step is for you to meet with at least two of our Board members to chat about board issues, responsibilities, time, etc.
  • The fourth step is for the Board to then decide if you’re a fit for what we need in our Board right now.

Interested? Well, send us the aforementioned short statement of interest by 12 April 2018 at 11:59 PM.
Send your statements to Brad ( to get things rolling!
If you have any questions, current Board members and staff would be happy to assist.