Action Groups

Action groups are made up of people who choose to focus on a particular issue or area related to social and environmental justice. They receive funds, organizational support, training, space to meet and organize, and access to OPIRG's networks of student and community activists. Action groups are always open to new members, and OPIRG is always open to proposals for new action groups.  If you'd like to talk about forming a new group please get in touch with mandy at


We believe that the impacts of climate change are a pressing reality and that there is an urgent need for us to react as a society. The most important step toward reducing global green house gas emissions is to curb the growth of the fossil fuel industry. We are asking the university to freeze new investments in fossil fuel companies and, over a five year period, divest from them completely.

We engage in outreach and education, and mobilize students to take a stance against the university’s unethical investments through petitions and direct action events. Our meetings are based on members’ availability.

You can reach us at:


We mobilize to educate, agitate, and organize around environmental and social issues related to resource extraction. We especially focus on challenging pipeline projects and the Tar Sands, which we see as inherently detrimental to natural environments, Indigenous communities, settler communities and watersheds. We also oppose the industrial expansion they facilitate.

We host speakers, screens films, demonstrate, educate, and facilitate events and workshops. We challenge oil dependency and strive towards resiliency.

You can reach us at:


We provide welcome to newly arrived refugees within the Guelph community through volunteering, educating students and the community on the refugee crisis, and fundraising for initiatives that are directly helping refugees get back on their feet and regain hope.

You can reach us at:


Our goal is to combat oppressive systems and those which uphold and promote such forces. UAO is dedicated to demanding change through active work that supports marginalized groups, including but not limited to, racialized people, Indigenous peoples, people with disabilities, marginalized genders, LGBTQA2+ identifying people, the economically-oppressed, and any intersections thereof.

You can reach us at: and


Interested in social justice? Interested in drumming? This is a group for people passionate about playing music together and harnessing samba’s power to promote social justice causes. The Guelph-based group rehearses once a week Thursday nights, performs at rallies and events, and participates in ethnographic research on what makes a group like this sustainable through time.

If you have any questions contact:

Dr. Natasha Pravaz

Wilfrid Laurier University


Migrant Justice Guelph

Food Not Bombs


Students Against Sweatshops

Trucks to Nicaragua

Growing Community Health

Mining Justice Guelph