RadiOPIRG is our weekly spoken word show on CFRU 93.3FM, Guelph’s campus and community radio station, where we showcase the exciting work OPIRG is doing, and talk about current issues in the community related to social and environmental justice. Generally the show consists of recorded talks, live and pre-recorded interviews, spoken word pieces and music.  Listen to us on Thursdays from 3 to 4pm at 93.3FM.  You can also livestream the show or listen to the archives at your convenience at

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Our External Affairs Commissioner, Sonali, was on CFRU 93.3 FM talking cultural appropriation today with Mandy from Opirg Guelph! With Halloween just a day away, don’t forget to check yourself and your costume! Ask yourself: is my costume racially, ethnically, religiously or culturally based on a cultural identity other than my own? How does my costume impact groups of the identity I am wearing?