Join an Action Group or Start Your Own

Action groups offer a more autonomous, self-directed experience than most volunteer opportunities at OPIRG, and they also tend to require a larger time commitment. Most groups meet once a week. Being part of an action group would be a good fit if you:

  • are passionate about a specific issue and want to meet other like-minded people to work with;
  • are already working on a project or campaign but don’t have all the resources or support that you need;
  • want to build skills and gain experience in a wide variety of areas, including: campaign management, media work, group decision-making, and activist strategies and tactics.

Joining an existing action group:

The following action groups are active and welcoming new members:

Fossil Free Guelph

Guelph Anti-Pipeline Action (GAP)

Climate Justice Guelph

Rhythms of Resistance

For descriptions and contact information:


Starting a new action group:

To start an action group, all you need is five or more people and an idea for a project or campaign that fits within the OPIRG mandate. If you don’t have a group of five people, or would like help with the application process, don’t worry! Our Programming & Volunteer Coordinator can help you find other interested people to work with, and can go over the proposal form with you. In the past, action groups have focused on sweatshops, food security and sustainable agriculture, prisoner justice, poverty, sustainable transportation, Indigenous solidarity, resource extraction, corporatization, and militarization.

If you are interested in joining or starting an action group, please contact our Volunteer and Programming Coordinator at