Board Info

Broadly speaking, the Board makes decisions about the direction of OPIRG as an organization. We work to ensure that our mandate is being observed while the organization maintains its financial and legal responsibilities. Below are some basic examples of Board activities:

  • The Board oversees OPIRG Staff to confirm the fulfilment of their respective job descriptions.
  • The Board ensures that OPIRG Guelph community and campus partnerships reflect our organization’s mandate.
  • The Board provides budget oversight to ensure our organization meets our financial and programming goals.

The Board is made up of student and community members. There are six (6) student positions, two (2) community positions, and one (1) position open to community members or students. The Board holds elections annually to fill vacant positions. It also appoints members, in accordance with policy, between elections as needed.

The Board of Directors can be contacted directly at:

Current Board Members

  • Blakeney Smith – Student Member
  • Daniela Mendivil – Student Member
  • Yara Ibrahim – Student Member
  • Rachel Vear – Community Member
  • Paul Costello – Community Member
  • Miriam Kearney- Community Member