Staff Profiles

Coordinator of Volunteer Programming and Community Engagement (Volunteer Coordinator)

The Coordinator of Volunteer Programming and Community Engagement manages the volunteer program and provides training and support for volunteers and Action Groups. The VPCE also works with other organizations to bring speakers and programming to the campus  and wider community.



Mandy Hiscocks is well known for her dedication and understanding of a range of issues. She  has lived in Guelph for over 20 years, many of which were spent studying and working at the U of G, so she has an in-depth knowledge of the campus and the community. If you want to volunteer at OPIRG, join or start an Action group, propose an event or a workshop, or get connected to other people and groups doing similar work to you, drop by or get in touch to  make an appointment. Mandy is happiest when the OPIRG office is full of busy, enthusiastic people. You can usually find her there 12-4:30pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and 1:30-4:30pm on Thursdays.

Coordinator of Organizational and Policy Development (Organizational Coordinator)

The Organizational Coordinator is responsible for organizational and policy development, Board support and development, and work associated with Ontario PIRG (the provincial network of PIRGs).




OPIRG Guelph would like to thank Brad Evoy for his dedication to this position since he arrived in 2016, and we wish him all the best in his new position as Volunteer, Outreach and Programming Coordinator at OPIRG Carleton in Ottawa.

We miss you, Brad!

We are currently in the process of hiring for this position and will have a new COPD soon!


Coordinator of Office Finances and Administration (Office Coordinator) and Speed River Project Coordinator

The Office Coordinator is responsible for managing OPIRGs’ physical space, administrative systems, bookkeeping and financial reporting and equipment purchases and maintenance.


The Speed River Project Coordinator is responsible for managing OPIRG’s Speed River Project, which includes the Adopt-A-Riverside project. The Speed River Project Coordinator works with OPIRG staff, students and the broader community towards enhancing the ecological health of our rivers. Neighbourhood-based naturalization initiatives and educational programming form the heart of this project.



Kiran Bhattarai has a wealth of knowledge and experience about community development and environmental sciences. She also has international experiences on social and environmental activism. Most weeks Kiran is in the office from 10:30am to 4:30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


Symposium Coordinator

The Symposium Coordinator is a temporary staff person who is responsible the overall operations of Rebel Knowledge, OPIRG’s annual Social and Environmental Justice Symposium.


Liz Homer is an avid craft beer and cat lover who both grew up in Guelph and attended University here. She has been heavily influenced by the social and environmental organizing done within the Guelph community, and you can often find her volunteering with community groups. She is particularly concerned about the current state of the Ontario government, especially the prevention of progressive and accessible public education, the rejection and dismissal of climate change measures, and the ongoing attack on those living in poverty and requiring social assistance. She is very excited to be part of OPIRG-Guelph’s Social and Environmental Symposium this year, and hopes to help build a strong platform that fosters knowledge sharing and social change at a grassroots level.


Summer Research and Archival Coordinator (Research Coordinator)

The Research Coordinator is a temporary staff person who is responsible the overall operations of the annual OPIRG People’s History Project.  This position only exists in the summer.


Semester Startup Assistant Coordinator

This temporary position was created to help the office run smoothly at a very busy time of year while the OPDC position is vacant.


Bree Woods was born a Guelphite. Being away from activism for some time, Bree is feeling at home again, especially at OPIRG. Bree and her mother Clover Woods depended heavily on the resources and community that OPIRG offers over 30 years ago with the fight to ban cosmetic pesticides on school and public property.

Please come by the office to check in about the things you’d like to work on or learn more about. Bree loves connecting people to resources, finding supports and the creative ways to make action happen. She can be found in and around the office Monday to Thursday 10:30 to 4:30.


The OPIRG Workstudy Support Staff are temporary staff who responsible for assisting full-time staff in aspects of their work, engaging in training and skill-building, and taking on project specific tasks related to the organization.

Events and Programming Support

The Events and Programming support staff person assists in planning, running and promoting events including the annual Symposium.



Obehi Okaka is a budding activist with an interest in organizational justice, institutional reform, and coalition-building. She is enthusiastic about working towards having open lines of communication between environmental/social justice groups within Guelph and the surrounding area. She can usually be found in the office from 2:30-4PM on Tuesday, and 2:30-4:30PM on Wednesday & Thursday.

Assistant Library and Archives Coordinator

The Library and Archives assistant coordinator aids in the overall operation, function and promotion of the Radical Resource Library and the OPIRG Local/Provincial Archive.


Natali Euale is a member of GAP (Guelph Anti Pipeline) and a graduate student at the University of Guelph.  She is interested in how settlers can un-learn colonial behaviors and build allyship with Indigenous communities to support their struggles for land-restitution and self-determination. You can often find her crying over her laptop as she tries desperately to finish her thesis. She doesn’t have regular hours, but will usually be at the Radical Resource Library Wednesdays and Thursdays. Come and chat with her and check out some rad books and zines at the same time!