OPIRG Provincial Network

The Provincial Network of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group provides an opportunity for the members of individual PIRG chapters, affiliates, and Organizing Committees to meet, exchange ideas,educate themselves and work together.


  • To encourage diversity and social equality for all people by opposing all forms of oppression, such as sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism and ableism.
  • To respect and encourage global diversity.
  • To work in a co-operative and non-authoritarian way emphasizing consensual decision-
    making processes.
  • To work in solidarity with other social movements.
  • To recognize the interconnectedness and pursue an integrative analysis of social and environmental issues.
  • To motivate civic participation and responsibility by encouraging students to become concerned, informed and active.

OPIRG Chapters, Clubs, Affiliates

  • Laurier Students’ PIRG (Chapter)
  • OPIRG-Brock (Chapter)
  • OPIRG-Carleton (Chapter)
  • OPIRG-Guelph (Chapter)
  • OPIRG-Kingston (Chapter)
  • OPIRG-McMaster (Chapter)
  • OPIRG-Ottawa (Chapter)
  • OPIRG-Peterborough (Chapter)
  • OPIRG-Toronto (Chapter)
  • OPIRG-Windsor (Chapter)
  • OPIRG-York (Chapter)
  • Waterloo PIRG (Chapter)

The Provincial Board is made up of two people from each of the chapter members. Each PIRG appoint one Staff member and one member of their chapter Board to represent them at Ontario PIRG meetings. Ontario PIRG meetings are held at least twice yearly in person, one of the meetings being the Annual General Meeting which is held in the Fall of each year.