Welcome Your 2018-19 Board of Directors!

GIF: Goldfish crackers animated open a banner reading CONGRATS! and confetti falls

Hello folks!

Following a successful day of elections and our Annual General Meeting, OPIRG Guelph is happy to announce and welcome your new 2017-18 Board of Directors. Newly elected directors include:

  • Luisa Lazo
  • Daniela Mendivil
  • Ben Stuart

Directors who’ll be joining them for the rest of the year in continuing terms include:

  • Adjowa Karikari
  • David James Hudson
  • Rachel Taylor

So, we’re excited to work with this new team! However, we’d be remiss to give particular thanks to Aidan Lockhart, Malissa Bryan, and Paul Stephany, directors who’ll be transitioning out at this time. Many thanks to you for your dedication and service to OPIRG Guelph!

All that said, look forward to more updates and information here on all our new Board team is up to–and don’t forget to check out last year’s Annual Report and our upcoming Accessibility Audit, along with our continuing Strategic Directions plan!