Rebel Knowledge Symposium 2020

Rebel Knowledge Symposium 2020

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The Earth is on Fire!
Moving from Climate Crisis to Climate Justice

Join us from February 29th-March 1st for Rebel Knowledge 2020! An annual OPIRG Guelph event, Rebel Knowledge is a social and environmental justice symposium that brings together activists, radical academics, critical researchers, and community organizers to learn, share, and strategize. Aiming to bridge divides and build relationships, Rebel Knowledge is a convergence of academic and community research and activism. This year, we are gearing the symposium towards people who are involved in climate justice struggles, those who want to get involved, and those whose organizing and research are valuable contributions to the struggle. The goal is to develop a more effective, intersectional and intergenerational movement around climate change.

The climate crisis continues to unfold globally, disproportionately impacting the most marginalized communities who are the least responsible for the climate crisis and yet face the brunt of its impacts. Our time to act has come, now more than ever, we must all uphold our responsibility to future generations to leave a better world, in which respecting existence is more important than protecting a system fueled by greed. We must question the role of so-called “Canada” in the ongoing violence that is being perpetuated on the environment and on the people, not only in our own communities, but worldwide. We must also ask ourselves: How can our climate justice movements better center the voices and experiences of Black and Indigenous people, and people of color who are constantly the targets of environmental racism? And how do we better bridge our struggles and diversify our tactics to build a long-term movement for climate justice?

Some areas we plan to focus on are:
– The relationship between forced migration and climate change
– Canada’s role and responsibility
– Climate change, colonization and environmental racism
– Tactics and strategies for action
– Lessons learned from past movements and how they apply to today

Saturday will consist of panel style discussions open to everyone and Sunday will be a day of workshops and strategizing specifically geared towards local organizers.
More info on the schedule and speakers TBA.

This event is always FREE and provides free food and child care. The space is physically accessible, with accessible and gender neutral washrooms. Everyone Welcome! Please bring your own containers, mugs and cutlery 🙂

If you’re interested in volunteering at the Symposium email mandy at

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