Calling all student members and community members of OPIRG Guelph to vote in our upcoming Board Elections!
When: March 25th from 11am-4pm
Where: University Center & OPIRG Head Office (24 Trent lane)
What to Bring: In order to vote bring your student ID with valid W19 sticker or proof of full-time enrolment. if you’re a community member, just bring one piece of ID.
First 10 voters get a $10 hospitality gift-card and all voters get their names entered into a prize draw.
What are the OPIRG Board Elections/Nominations?
  • As a non-profit organization OPIRG is directed by a group of student and community Board members. These members are democratically elected and serve as the main decision-making body for the organization. It’s a super important role!
  • In order to be elected to the Board, candidates need to complete the nomination/application form and return it to no later than March 18th at Midnight (nomination form can be found here:
What exactly is a Board of Directors?
  • The OPIRG Board is the decision-making body of the organization and looks at the big picture issues that the organization faces.
  • The Board of Directors work collectively to determine the direction of OPIRG and to ensure it is meeting its legal and financial obligations, including those of an employer.
  • The Board is also involved with determining some of the issues we take on and in helping with larger projects and events.
Who is Eligible to Vote in the Elections?
Student Members– Each person who:
1) Is a registered student at the University of Guelph, and
2) Has paid the OPIRG a student membership fee as part of their tuition ancillary fees, and has not received a refund for that fee.
shall be accepted as a student member of the organization.
Community Members– Each person who:
1) is not a registered student at the University of Guelph, and
2) has paid OPIRG a community membership fee, and has not received a refund from that fee.
shall be accepted as a community member of the organization.
The results of the election will be announced at the Annual General Meeting that same night at South Wing Peter Clark Hall, UC @ 6:30pm.