Staff Change: Brad Evoy Says Goodbye For Now!

As of 9 September, Brad Evoy, our current Organizational and Policy Development Coordinator will be transitioning out of this role, leaving Guelph, and taking up a new position as OPIRG Carleton’s Volunteer, Outreach and Programming Coordinator. We have made arrangements for temporary roles to have the office open to full capacity and Brad will continue on a limited basis with some remote work for OPIRG Guelph until a new hire is found. Below is a message from Brad to our community:

Hello folks,

I’m sitting in the office a little while before this is to be released to our wider community and reflecting a lot on all the things I’ve learned here in Guelph these past two and a half years. Yup, it’s been that long already! I have been lucky to serve you here at OPIRG and through other organizations in all sorts of ways that go well beyond sitting behind a desk and cracking out policy documents and offering consensus trainings, haha. I’ve been able to work with all of our amazing action groups, work with our board to start whole new projects and programs, and revive past work that honours the history and legacy of this organization. And, offer trainings and do policy work too! It’s been a fulfilling and exciting past while, but my next journey is before me.

I wanted to thank everyone that I’ve worked with over the years through our partnerships, coalitions, and groups–you all are amazing people that do work which furthers the growth of our progressive community. I’d also like to thank those who’ve worked with me on our Board since I arrived–you all have guided my work and been open to the responses I’ve given over the years. Further thanks to all of my work study students, our contract workers, and CROs (Emma, Lauren, Temilade, Tiger, Nat, Melody, Tammy, Mina, Angelique, Shabina, and Miriam)–you all are some of the best people in our campus and community. I deeply hope I get to work with you all once again and that each of you keeps kicking all the butt that you do in all that you do. And, of course, to my fellow permanent staff, Kiran and mandy: You two are just really amazing people. You have and continue to keep things held together around here and have been fantastic colleagues and friends. Since I’m still in the Network, we’ll hear from each other again, but I just wanted to say how much I’ve learned from both of you and how much I’ve appreciated your colleagueship.

And I know there are more folks to thank, but know that you all have touched my life and I hope I’ve lived up to my goal of “connecting with folks across the campus and community”. That’s the power of OPIRG in Guelph and in general–which we embody together. So drop on by to see me off, but stick around–great things are always just around the corner.

More details will be made available soon in regards to hiring timelines and so on.
No major programming will be impacted, save for the suspension of RADICAL READS until a new hire can be found.