Wednesday! Info Night: Fossil fuel divestment at U of G, and our Special Action Policy

Wednesday February 8, 5pm

U of G Grad Lounge, UC Level 5 (north elevators)


Hello to all Gryphons, and Guelph folks interested in Climate and Social Justice. Fossil Free Guelph is having a information panel session to discuss our upcoming proposal of our Special Action Policy (SAP).


What is the Special Action Policy?
The University of Guelph administration created a formal process for groups and individuals to challenge the university’s investment decisions based on financial and ethical concerns. It’s known as “The Special Action Policy for the Endowment Portfolio.” In response, we are submitting a proposal urging the university to divest from the 54 largest fossil fuel companies in which it currently holds stocks. Before we submit the proposal, we need 200 signatures from students who support us.

Divestment and Fossil Free Guelph
We are a student-led action group that has been campaigning for fossil fuel divestment at the University of Guelph since 2013. Our campaign is also part of a bigger international movement that has seen great success throughout Europe and North America over the past decade. As of 2016, more than 3.4 trillion dollars have been divested from the fossil fuel industry by over 50,000 individuals and 600 institutions. This includes the University of Glasgow, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Norway. We want the University of Guelph to be next on the list!

So to all of my fellow humans, who share my deep concern with Environmental and Social Justice, and want to see the school held accountable for their investments, please join us as we take the next step towards creating a brighter future for Guelph, and for the world. So come, grab a beer! Grab some food! And get involved in changing the way the University of Guelph handles climate change and their investments.